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Handyman Services on South Shore, Cape & Boston MA

Lighthouse Home Repair is the best local handyman near you.  unlike our competitors we are a local business our home repair technicians are the best at what they do.  We offer the best home repair services because we not only love what we do but we offer so much.  weather you need help fixing the inside or outside of your home, we have you covered.  Not only that but if you are planning to sell your house and want us to repair the things that matter we do that as well.  When you work with us to sell your home we can offer you no upfront cost on repairs (terms and conditions apply).  Our Handyman Services and Our real estate sales team are the best in the business on South Shore, Cape & Boston

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When looking for a handyman near you, we offer the best handyman services.  Lighthouse Home Repair can help you with lots of home repairs around the house.  Here is a brief of the interior work we offer.  basic home maintenance light bulb, filter and smoke detector replacement, vent cleaning, basement crack repair, floor repair, window and door replacing, painting tile work, toilette, sink repair and more.  Please click "more info" for a full list of home repair services.  We are the best local handyman option because we are licensed, insured and guarantee our work 



Our local handyman service can assist you with lots of repairs on the exterior of your house.  Here is a brief list of what we offer for exterior home repair.   We offer basic exterior maintenance from window cleaning,  power washing, gutter cleaning, painting, winterizing, weatherproofing, yard work, grass, flowers, masonry,  replacing a mailbox, doorbell, doorknob, flagpole, repairing your deck, fence, trim, siding and more.  Please click "more info" for a full list of home repair services. 



Call us first!!  We know what will make your home sell for more plus when you work with us to sell your home, we fix it and you pay at closing.  Lighthouse Home Repair can help you make the necessary repairs to your house; that will help you sell your house for more money and faster.  If you partner with our real estate team to help you sell your home.  We can fix it now and you pay at closing.  This is Ideal for you or a person you know that is thinking of selling but has no money to do repairs.  Terms and conditions do apply.  Please click "more info" for further details. 

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